Why Your Small Business Needs An Android App

If you have a business and you think it’s going to be a huge hit without a mobile app, you’re wrong. You need to think otherwise and understand why all the biggest and the best have apps? Mobile applications have changed the picture completely for how businesses are interacting with customers, selling their products, and offering them services. Large numbers of small businesses are seen indulging into app development, so should you?

In fact, out of the various studies on mobile market, a recent shows that 52% of average American users looks into the apps in their smartphones several times per hour, the remain has 20% of them claim on looking into the phone every hour, and the last has something to look into every 20 minutes of an hour. The taxi companies, local grocery stores, and all the wellness service providers have woken up to the dream of increasing their business through apps.

You must already know why you need an app for your business and the next big step is; choosing the right platform. Let us first understand the importance of grappling with the rational of actually investing in an app then we will go to the bigger challenge-please read on;

Why You Need An App?

  • Your App Reach Out-Once you take the decision of having an app for your business, you need to understand your basic needs first. You app will focus on customer service, sales, or marketing or something else? Get your general idea down on the paper first.
  • Accessibility– Apps make it conveniently possible for customers to find you and reach out to you. Do you aim to do the same?
  • Marketing– There is endless possibilities for marketing your business through smartphone. Your business is your brand and that brand gets recognized through an icon on your app. Let your business be marketed through push notices, by making sale and coupon announcements using such options.
  • Customer Relations– You need to keep customers very close when you are thinking of expanding your business. You app, your business, and your brand cannot be anywhere without a strong bond between you and your customers. Connect with them through all possible means.
  • Sales– You will have tremendous sale closing through an app. If your product is accessible to your customers online through mobile, they will not have to wait for reaching out to you to buy the product. This makes closing of sales possible in seconds.

When your needs have been examined and the cost associated with your needs in developing an app has been understood, it’s your understanding now for choosing the right platform.  Starting with Android platform for your app development should be the right step. However, if you still have confusion and need assistance-contact VeztekUSA to help you with your mobile app development. Read on for why your small business needs an Android app:

Stats Are Saying Why Android:

The latest data on mobile operating system reveals that, 83% of market is lead by Android operating system; iOS holds 14% of the market share, while the rest of the percentage is shared by Blackberry, Windows and others. The number 83 means a huge hit and incomparability. You can always think of iOS but there are reasons why thousands of businesses are only considering Android platform, but you can definitely ignore the other options.

A Good Start:

Android platform is huge and great for taking a start in developing an app. Android will give you the feasibility to understand the development and test your app completely before bringing it out on other platforms.

Open Ecosystem:

Android acquired the open ecosystem title and ever since, Google has not changed it. On an Android platform the developers have low entry barriers in adding apps to their stores. Generally apps have to go through a long process for getting approved, whereas on Android the leverage is great.

Robust Features:

Android is an open source platform that enables developers to access the OS with great flexibilities. Developers can utilize great functionalities and features for their app that can assist them in connecting with the target audience. While in other platforms developers have an access to the hardware features only.

Summing It Up:

Android has the power of extending the possibilities of your app beyond your imagination. Android enables small businesses to distribute their apps to other stores and does not restrict them to Google Play Store only. Using a platform like Android you will be able to drop and drag you application into production go far less on expenses as compared to other app building platforms.

You are not alone in the small business sector, yearning to be big. In this century, technology has rendered solutions-you need to have understanding of app working for your business. It’s impressive thing to have for your business, it sets you on the same track as the big players. The success of your business and app however does depend on the goal. Keep it good!