Yamaha Fascino Review – The Classy Scooter For The Youth

Yamaha has always been a leader in the two-wheeler market in the country for years now. The Japanese manufacturer has been providing the youth of the country with great bike models over the years. However, Yamaha never really entered the scooter segment in the country because it never found much gain in that segment unless the sudden shift towards automatic scooters by the people in commuter segment.

Yamaha changed its policy and bought out the Fascino for the people longing for a scooter and it didn’t disappoint at all. In fact, it was among the best-selling scooters of the past year. Today, we take a look at the Yamaha Fascino specifications below.

Design & Style

The Yamaha Fascino is designed in a unique manner with the curves on the scooter covering most of the outside design. The Yamaha decided to give the Fascino with a retro look and it succeeded very well as it got rave reviews from the people. The headlights are given an old-fashion look to go for the retro look of the scooter with the curves making the body resemble like a crown. The seat on the scooter appears to lean towards the front end which allows for easy handling. The scooter looks very premium because of its style and even the body logo is 3D in nature.

Instrument Console

The first look on the instrument console on the Fascino blows our mind off. It looks a class apart from most other console we have seen on competitive scooters and looks very fashionable thanks to an altogether different shape from other consoles. It is equipped with an analogue speedometer alongside a fuel indicator. The background on the console remains white with a Fascino logo behind it.

Engine & Performance

The Fascino uses the same engine as the other scooters in the Yamaha Family, an 113cc engine motor, which is able to deliver a peak power of 7 BHP and a torque output of 8.1 NM. While the performance of the scooter’s engine is comparable to other automatic two-wheelers, it scores an extra mark for the mileage of 66kmpl as claimed by Yamaha. However, you can expect the mileage to be around the 50-55kmpl mark while riding. The kerb weight of the scooter measures at 103 kg and is powered by the Blue Core technology exclusive to the Yamaha scooters to improve the mileage and engine performance. The ground clearance height on the Fascino is 128 mm only which is slightly less than most of its competition.

Comfort while Riding

Yamaha has taken extra care of the comfort levels of its riders on the Fascino. The scooter is equipped with a small easy storage option on the right hand side at the front to store your stuff such as mobile or wallet. The large under-seat storage seat is big enough to keep other things alongside a helmet. The front portion of the scooter is as much as 7mm leaner than the rear end allowing the rider to step down easily from the Fascino.

Brakes & Suspension

One of the rare disappointments we faced on the Yamaha Fascino specifications is the presence of drum brakes on both ends. Fortunately, it comes equipped with a front telescopic fork suspension allowing you comfort on bumpy roads as well. The rear end uses a unit-swing type suspension. The Fascino uses the smaller 10-inch wheels along with 90/100-10 tires for better road grip which are a little outdated as compared to other scooters who have moved onto the 12-inch tires.


The brand-new Yamaha Fascino is currently available in 5 classy shades. These include Haute White, Sassy Cyan, Cool Cobalt, Rouge Red, and Tuxedo Black.

The Last Words

The Yamaha Fascino is creating waves among the youngsters because of its unique design, good looks and trendy color choices. The Yamaha Fascino specifications also look great which helps a lot in making the scooter as among the best in the market.