10 Car Maintenance Tips You Need To Follow

For some cars, it is a need and for some cars, it is a passion. But whether it is your need or passion you need to maintain your car to keep your journey ongoing without any hustle. Many companies offer their customers regular car maintenance. But here are some tips through which you can yourself maintain your car:

1. Monitor Your Car’s Fluids:

Just like a human body cannot live without blood, your car cannot run without proper fluids. There are certain fluids like motor oil, steering fluid level which is necessary to keep an eye on. All you have to do is read the manual or contact your mechanic to understand how to check the fluids.

2. Battery Check-up:

Just like if your phone’s battery is dead and you cannot do anything, the same goes for cars if your car battery is drained your car will stop. To avoid this damage, keep an eye on your battery performance by checking its leakage and voltage. Clean the battery with the brush so that any minerals and terminal around the battery are cleaned. Many car showrooms offer these regular maintenance check-ups.

3. Tires Rotation:

To make your tires’ life longer and save them from wearing this is an essential pro tip. After your car has traveled 6000 to 8000 miles, it is necessary to rotate your tires. Also, you need to make sure that your tires are balanced and aligned, this can make you safe from road accidents.

4. Replace Wipers and Clean Windshields:

While driving it is essential to see the roads clearly. A dirty windshield and damage wipers can lead to a dangerous situation and you may risk your and others’ life. Clean the windshield regularly so that when you use wipers it doesn’t scratch your glass. During high humidity or rainy season, check your wipers and replace them if needed with the best Toyota dealership available in town.

5. Regularly check your Brakes:

Brakes are the most crucial part of cars and can lead to accidents if not working properly, perhaps resulting in someone needing a personal injury trial attorney. There are many reasons that can stop the brake from working properly such as the brake pads, the rotors, brake pedals, and brake fluids and therefore, it is essential to make sure that all are working properly. Check your brake fluid reservoir and brake pads regularly and if you inspect anything out of ordinary contact your dealership.

6. Engine Cleansing:

Maintaining your engine properly can prevent you from a lot of exterior and interior damages. If not cleaned properly, some minor debris in your engine can harm your car. It is necessary to keep your engine up to date to function the car properly.

7. Working Headlights:

While driving at night, headlights are your best friend. Make sure your headlights are working if you are driving at night and if they are not you can quickly fix that by replacing headlight bulbs. But make sure that you turn them off after driving as this may result in draining your battery if kept turned on for a prolonged period of time.

8. Pay Attention to Car Sounds:

Sometimes machines can also speak for themselves if they are not feeling well. Your car is the same. If your car is making some sounds that are not ordinary, pay attention to that and check the car’s temperature and engine. If the sound continues, call your mechanic to check your car. Using the car while it is making sounds can result in big damage which can be heavy on your wallet.

9. Wash Your Car Regularly:

Many people do hand wash their car but there is no replacement of mechanical wash. Washing and waxing help your car to maintain its paint color and prevents it from rust. Hand washing sometimes can result in dull paint. Washing your glass, cleaning seats, washing tires, cleaning floors and removing leaves from the exterior can make your car look beautiful and healthy.

10. Cover Your Car:

A very easy tip to keep your car beautiful is to keep it covered. Covering your car can protect it from sunlight, birds, and trees. This will help in protecting the paint and interior of your car. If your car is not in use, make sure it is placed in the garage and try to use it once a week to keep its vehicles in use.


Maintaining your car is time-consuming but necessary. It may sometimes irritate you to maintain your car, but the efforts are worth it when you will travel with your loved ones without any hustle. If you yourself are not able to maintain your car, there are professionals who can help you with this task. With regular maintenance, you can have pride in ownership of your car as well as save a lot of money.

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  1. I noticed that my car’s brakes are quite hard, which is why I’ve decided to start looking for an auto repair service that will be able to fix this. Well, it’s a good thing that you shared here the importance of checking the vehicle for any leakage and voltage. Thank you for clarifying here that the brake’s fluid reservoir must be checked regularly too.

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