Application Hacks For Ceramic Tile In Space With Different Style

Product specification, paving method of ceramic tile and interior design style are the three main factors that having decisive influence on the final decoration effect for space choosing ceramic tile as ground decoration. Different paving method of ceramic tile echoes with different interior design style. Someone may do not pay much attention to these details when picking ceramic tile. Do not worry. Here are the examples of different application hacks for ceramic tile in space with different style for reference.

1. Neo-classicism 

Neo-classicism retains the elegant and dignified of European style, the artistic rule of traditional culture at the same time of combining them with new ideology. Compared with traditional decoration concept, after adding new concept, new material and new technology, neo-classicism laid much stress on practicability and elegance.

Representative element: silver paper, varnish, art glass, stainless steel etc.

Ceramic tile collocation case study: beige, grey, white polished tile; parquet design on the ceramic tile in living room and dining room

Comment: the application of ceramic tile make the whole space full of retro style atmosphere. Classical brown pattern combines nature and art together perfectly. The space merges classic and fashion together.

2. Concise Style 

Concise style home design lays stress on concise. But it is not simple. There is no complicate embellishment on details. Concise style home design is fashion and elegant, exquisite and flexible. Concise, bright, consistent and elegant are words often combined with it.

Representative element: art glass, mirror surface stainless steel

Ceramic tile collocation case study: beige, brown, black, white polished tile

Comment: the application of polished tile combines line and side perfectly together. The tile in living room and dining room is better to be the same. Polished tile and wood finished tile suit for bedroom. Light colored tile can make bathroom visually expansion. Beige and light yellow tile in kitchen is easy to clean.

3. Simplified European Style 

Simplified European style combines antique decoration elements with the decoration requirement of modern people. It merges luxury, elegant, romantic and modern fashion skillfully together. Perfect curve, refined detail treatment and harmonious are words often used to describe European style.

Representative element: Rome pillar, clean cut line

Ceramic tile collocation case study: beige polished tile with parquet pattern in living room and dining room. Antique tile is not recommended.

Comment: the texture of tile echoes with the romantic and noble pure white bottom color, which delivers fashion, noble, elegant and natural atmosphere.

4. Country Style 

Country style is featured with simple design and relaxing atmosphere. It lays stress on the application of color – quietly elegant, comfortable. The wood texture shows natural and plain feeling.

Representative element: simple and elegant wall paint, antique brick, wooden flooring, antique lamp, floral curtain etc.

Ceramic tile collocation case study: small antique ground tile with local colored embellishment in the bathroom; small floral wallpaper and small decorative painting in the bedroom. Go here to find dream bedrooms design ideas.

Comment: small antique ground tile, lithe and soft color scheme, country style home furnishing, fabric and accessories create strong flavor of country style.