Benefits Of Using Large Format Printing For Marketing

Large format printing is essential to any kind of outdoor or high-impact advertising or marketing signage. From city and road markers to billboards and beyond, this type of printing is used to create visibility for businesses, organizations, events and more.

City Signage

Living in today’s various environments, whether residential, commercial, rural or urban, signs make announcements and inform the public as a critical navigational tool. Large print is used for everything from directing, stopping and redirecting traffic, to marking bus stops. In fact, not only would citizens and visitors get lost without these signs, but they are only as useful as they are visible, readable and understandable. This would be impossible without large format printing.

General Marketing Benefits

Consumers tend to be visually driven. Because of this, companies use large print on their marketing materials to grab attention and stand out in a very cluttered marketplace. It is the sign that is seen the best that will get the most attention. Companies use large format printing to both increase brand recognition and inspire sales.
Below are some of the more common ways that large format printing can be used for all types of indoor and outdoor purposes:

General Uses

  • Signage
  • Banners
  • Graphics
  • Posters
  • Building wraps
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Backlit signs
  • Flags

Advertising and Marketing

  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Window graphics


  • Tradeshows
  • Community gatherings

Commercial Printing Companies

Commercial printing companies specialize in creating custom signs. Their expertise can be used to take advantage of the many effective advertising opportunities afforded by large format printing. Below are just some of the positive effects of using this type of printing.

  1. Making statements. Large format sizes offer flexibility for the greatest impact when used, for example, for large scale building wraps, displays and window graphics.
  2. Reaching larger audiences. Using large format printing services allows businesses to reach bigger audiences in a much less costly manner.
  3. More budget friendly. Businesses continually seek to lower their advertising and marketing spend. It is a balancing act to do this while still reaching the maximum number of customers. At times, expensive strategies are employed such as direct mail campaigns that includes costs such as:
  • Development of marketing materials
  • Printing *Mailing lists and maintenance
  • Postage
  • Labour

Finally, large format printing offers the power to place marketing materials and ads at more focused venues where the best customers might be found. For example, new evening entertainment groups could place outside advertising close to dinner venues so that diners can easily be engaged by their interesting activities.
Large print advertising and marketing reaches far more people than any mailing campaign. This means it will have more impact and ultimately cost less.
Jerry Marsh is a blogger that enjoys providing advertising and marketing tips for business owners. He currently blogs for TPH, a Canadian printing company established in Toronto.