Best Cruiser Bikes For Summer

The birth of the cruiser came through Shwinn during the great depression. Bicycles had become a luxury item rather than an one of necessity. Schwinn developed the cruiser to provide a bike to the market that was sturdy and affordable, and could handle hard work and terrain that the average bike of its time couldn’t. The cruiser found its self to be of common service to paper boys and bicycle couriers. Competition between manufacturers lead to creations such as the “Donald Duck” bike with a quaking horn, or cowboy themes with fringed saddle bags, cap gun holsters, and motorcycle-like horn tanks. Jump forward 60 years and the style and creativity is just as entertaining, with style, resilience and function never failing to satisfy. Check out some of the great bikes on show for 2013.

Merida Kirra Beach Cruiser

Head out in style on the Merida Kirra Beach Cruiser’s white frame and hot pink rims. With the old school feel and the touch of modern design, your sure to get the best of both worlds. Having single speed gearing, this bike is better suited to flat beachfront pathways or roads. The steel frame will make this bike heavier and if you live near the beach, you will want to keep your bike indoors and out of the salt air to keep it from rusting.

Merida Bells Cruiser

Add a little fun to summer romance by free wheeling together on his and hers cruiser’s. This Merida Bells Cruiser is the perfect “his” counter part with a Matt Black frame and lime green rims. This comfortable and simple bike makes for some easy summer riding. The Bells Cruiser has only single speed gearing which is important to take into consideration if you have any hills in the area you plan to ride in. Hills and single speed gears equal harder pedalling!

Merida City 3.0 Womens

Hit the streets in cool nanna style this summer with the Merida City 3.0 Womens cruiser. With a front basket for all your shopping goodies and a Pannier Rack at the rear for carrying extras, you will surely be noticed on this stylish, old school piece of machinery. With an Alloy frame, you will have a resilient bike that is resistant to rust, making it ideal for either cruising by the beach, or around the neighbourhood.

Schwinn Hornet

For what appears to be the equivalent of the bat mobile in bikes, the Shwinn Hornet is a dudes bike for style and function. With a lighter frame made from Aluminum, your bike will be resistant to rust, which is a plus if you live by the sea and plan to spend a lot of time on your bike down by the water. The Hornet is also complimented with a 3-speed drivetrain that makes for much easier riding if you are planning to travel over hills, or rough terrain!

Schwinn Hollywood

For a mix between funky and classic, the Schwinn Hollywood is sure to satisfy in both performance and looks. The aluminium Frame creates a bike that is light and resistant to rusting from exposure to the elements. A 7-speed drivetrain gives awesome performance when ascending hills or tackling bumpy surfaces. Combined with a stylish chain guard and fender set you are delivered both function and a wicked look.

Schwinn Panther

The Schwinn Panther is Sleek and stylish and also has great function for fast riding. A 7-speed drivetrain and a lighter Aluminun frame gets you up those hills faster and easier. A full fender set and chain guard make the Schwinn Panther not only an easy and versatile ride, but also suitable for all weather conditions.

Schwinn Starlet

For bright colours and a funky look, you can’t go past the green Schwinn Starlet. Not only will the colours on this bike get you noticed, but it will also add some road safety, because nobody is going to miss you on this baby! Single speed gears for flat terrain, an Aluminium frame for lightness and coaster brakes to top it off makes for an easy riding experience.

With summer around the corner, get ready for some outdoor riding in the Balmy Australian sun on you brand new cruiser. What better way to head on down to your local beach than with the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. When looking at a new cruiser, whether to check out the surf or to head on down to your local cafe with friends, there are a myriad of styles and levels of performance to choose from. Some cruisers will take you over hills and bumpy tracks, while others are designed for pure city style and Sunday cruising. With your plans for use in mind, the choices are plenty!

William is the Manager at one of the largest bike stores in Melbourne, Australia. He says that cruiser bikes are making a big comeback this year for leisure cycling and recommends that his customers load up their car bike racks and escape on some local bike tracks.