Choosing The Best Radiator For Your Home

It’s not so long ago when there was no choice in choosing a radiator; the choice was between cast iron or steel, the shape, size and colour were all decided for you – rectangular and white. Recently radiators have become an accessory in their own right and they’re now available in an abundance of colours, materials and designs. However, as far as radiators go, it’s not all about appearance; radiators are one of the most important heating devices in a home so an attractive as well as an efficient appliance is extremely important.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking at buying new radiators…

o             Before even looking at a radiator you need to find out whether you have a direct or indirect heating system.
o             You will also need to look into how much heat is needed in each of your rooms- an engineer will do this for you or you can use an online calculator to work it out for yourself.
o             You will have to think about the best position for a radiator on each room. Engineers say that radiators work best in the coldest part of the room and on an outside wall underneath the window – cold air from the window will be warmed up before circulating the room.
o             When you’re considering the position of your new radiators, think about where pipes are  already installed as installing new ones can be extremely costly.

Bear in mind – especially if you have a large room – that a double radiator isn’t as efficient as two single radiators. Basically if you have the room, two single radiators will be much more of a benefit to you.

One of the great things about the choice involved with modern radiators is the flexibility that you gain. If a standard radiator is a little too bulky and takes up too much floor space then you can get an upright radiator instead. There is no limit as far as radiators nowadays are concerned; the new craze of bathroom radiators shows this with the shapes and sizes available being unimaginable.

After the bring bit of measuring and deciding on a suitable place for your radiator, you’re ready to choose your new design. You can decide between designer or traditional, along with a range of materials and colours. The best place to start your search is online as you have the pick of the bunch; the internet gives you the chance to see the wackiest designs alongside the most sensible and once you’ve made a decision you should go and speak to a professional – before placing your order.

This article was written by Davy Fox; he always chooses aluminium radiators from