Cover your Car, Save Some Money

Most people who own riding mowers, industrial painters, or other high-end gardening and home improvement tools almost always keep them stored in sheds or in the garage. Of course people do this so the items won’t form clutter, but they are also stored in such a way to protect the tools from the elements and potential damage. So many times cars can be seen parked in driveways or on the street because the driver doesn’t have a garage, or because their garage is already occupied. Car covers offer the perfect solution to anyone who doesn’t have the means to keep their car, boat or bike in a garage.

Not all covers are the same
When shopping for a cover, make sure you are investing in a quality product that will maintain your vehicle’s integrity. All too often people will buy a tarp to drape over their car, thinking that it is safe from those little mishaps. However, a tarp is flimsy and not durable at all. All it takes is a kicked-up rock or a flying golf ball to hit your tarp-covered car and leave a scratch. Furthermore, tarps fall prey to expedited wear and tear very easily. Snow, rain and whipping wind will press down and eventually find their way through the awkward construction. Finally, tarps are made from abrasive materials that can cause scratches. Talk about defeating the purpose! When shopping for a car cover, you will want the following features:

· Non-abrasive lining

· Antenna patch

· Grommets

· Storage pouch

· Elastic hem

· A free warranty

The above features will protect your vehicle for years and years to come. Having a heavy-duty, durable non-abrasive cover with grommets will prevent the cover from shifting or blowing away, and will put your paint job into direct contact with a soft material to cushion and shield the car. Just take a look at classic car collectors; maintaining the look and feel of their cars is detrimental to their jobs and hobbies. Every single one of these car enthusiasts cover their vehicles with properly fitted, good quality covers to preserve their work’s passion. If car covers are good enough for them, they are good enough for you.

Staying covered

Investing in a car cover is a cheap alternative to getting multiple car washes and expensive detailing jobs to repair faded materials and scratches on the car’s finish. In an article published by Gizmag, the author stresses the importance of covering your vehicle. The article informs readers that car covers will serve as excellent protection against rain, sun, dirt, and mildew.

But there are other destructive forces that a car cover will shield against. For example, tree sap and bird droppings contain an acid that can eat through your car’s paintjob. In some cases, after the substance has been washed or scrubbed off, there is a fade mark left behind. Prepare to pay a few hundred dollars to have this touched up.

Your car is a great investment that deserves the ultimate in protection. You wouldn’t leave your lawnmower out in the rain, so why leave your car exposed to harsh elements? When you cover your car, you are also covering your wallet from taking hits down the road of costly touchups and cosmetic repairs.

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