Eat Your Way Around The World With A Culinary Staycation

If you’re a food lover and like to try different dishes from around the globe, then why not try to eat your way around the world with a culinary Staycation. Sacramento has a most delightful walking tour that focuses on of a plethora of healthy food from around the world just beckoning to be tried by eateries around town.

What is a Culinary Staycation you ask? 
If you love walking and you love eating healthy and nutritious food, then you will find it amazing that in Sacramento there are walking lunch tours available. There are now lunch-and-walk businesses where food savvy guides take groups of hungry people out for a lovely walk downtown. The tour visits the many various ethnically rich restaurants during people’s lunch breaks. These little walking food tours take about a half hour of walking and then another half hour for lunch, during which time the food guide will engage the group in conversation about various nutritious foods.
Some staycation tours focus on a particular weekly location in which to eat lunch after the walk visiting particular restaurants. There are some walking food tour groups that focus or emphasize a particular type of ethnic food, which will be discussed throughout the walk and where recipes can be exchanged and discussed over the lunch break.
The Original Staycation Culinary Walking tour in Sacramento
Downtown Sacramento is known for having a healthy variety of restaurants that serve well known dishes from all corners of the globe. In 2011, a very special new food tour business was started in the downtown area of Sacramento, called Local Roots Food Tours. The unique lady behind this novel idea is Lisa Armstrong. She has received many wonderful responses to her informational walking food tours, where she guides her groups to visit different tasty locations.
The restaurants along the approximately two mile journey usually offer tasting samples for the tour group to entice you to return sometime for a formal meal. Besides visiting several different eating locations along the tour, you’ll also be exposed to some of the culture and history of Sacramento. Food tours such as Lisa’s aren’t just for locals working downtown, but there is much potential benefits to those visiting the city for a short time.
This type of walking culinary tour is perfect for tourists visiting Old Sacramento and Capital Park, as they would be delighted to experience the city from a more local viewpoint. Other cities have their own versions of culinary walking tours, San Francisco being one note worthy city that has them available. So, if you’re hungry and have time available for lunch, why not try to eat your way around the world with a culinary Staycation.
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