How To Cruise Around The Beach Like A Boss

Forget emerging from the water in a brightly colored bathing suit and winking at onlookers seductively as you head for the dunes.  If you’ve ever tried that move, Baywatch called.  They want their opening sequence back.  You don’t need to look like C.J. Parker to be checked out at the beach.  If you want to cruise around the beach like a boss, look no further than the nearest bicycle shop! 

By riding a bike at the beach, you’ll be able to relax, see miles and miles of the coast, avoid the piping hot sand and pavement, and enjoy a nice sea breeze while being admired by onlookers who harbor the burning desire to possess your graceful cycling skills.  Of course, you’ll need to find the right bicycle first. 

What can I ride at the beach?

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Your best bet would be a cruiser bike.  Also known as beach cruisers, cruiser bikes are simple, classic, and great for riding on the beach.  They were popular from the 1930s to the 1950s, and when the 1990s rolled around, these single-speed bikes started reappearing on Christmas lists everywhere.  You can find a cheap beach cruiser at any bicycle shop.  These bikes are affordable, highly durable, easy to use, and suited for flat terrain. 

What about rocky and hilly beaches?

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You’d be safer with a mountain bike at beaches that are rocky and hilly.  Mountain bikes are designed for off-road cycling.  That includes sandy trails, steep declines, rocks, and uneven terrain.  If you ever find yourself at a beach in the middle of the mountains, get a mountain bike… and a helmet!

What if there’s someone else with me?

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If you’re planning on riding on uneven terrain, get two mountain bikes.  If you’re riding on flat terrain, you might want to look into getting a tandem bike.  As strange as tandem bikes look, it would be neat to try riding one at least once in your lifetime.  Those things can come in really useful when you’re in a hurry, because a tandem bike has double the pedaling power as a single bike does.  You do have to coordinate the speed and movement of your bike with your partner(s) if you want to operate the bike like a boss.

What if I have my entire family with me?

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Even worse, what if Uncle Edgar doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle?  No worries.  In this scenario, the surrey bike comes to the rescue!  It’s a form of carriage developed in southern England in the 1800s.  You know the Flintstones car?  It’s sort of like that, but with pedals.  You can prop small children in the front seats, and ol’ Uncle Edgar in the back.  Even though it’d be hard to look cool with Uncle Edgar screaming at you to slow down, you’d still be the envy of the whole beach, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to ride one of those things?

That’s some useful information, but what does “like a boss” mean?

Doing something like a boss is to excel at something with authority and finesse.  You know, bosses are usually very good at what they do.  Mark our words: if someone tells you that you do something “like a boss”, that’s a huge compliment!  The sooner you go ahead and start pedaling at the beach, the sooner someone will tell you that you cruise around the beach like a boss! 

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