How To Find The Right Motorbike For You

Choosing a motorcycle isn’t as easy as you might think.  Sure, you probably know whether you prefer a big, chunky cruiser, or a slick and small sports bike, but beyond that the list of makes, models and engine options can be bewildering.  Even if you think you know what you want, you might find that when you take your bike for a test ride things don’t work out as intended.  The following tips will help you to figure out which bike is best for you.

Sports Bikes

The “crotch rocket” is a powerful sports bike that is designed in such a way that the rider is hunched over the bike while they’re riding it.  Sports bikes are light, terrifyingly fast, and capable of taking corners quite quickly.  However, they’re not exactly pleasant to ride on long journeys.

A sports bike is good for track days and for short rides, but it’s not something you’d want to ride if you like to go on a lot of road trips.  Insurance for sports bikes can be expensive too, especially for novice riders.  So, if you want some room left in your budget to trick out your new bike with some cherished number plates for sale, you might want to pick something with a less powerful engine; at least until you have some miles under your belt.


Cruisers are bigger, wider, and more stable than sports bikes.  They’re comfortable to ride – with some of them being likened to sofas on wheels.  However, they go through more petrol than smaller bikes, don’t corner as well, and don’t handle rough terrain.

Naked Bikes

The naked bike was incredibly popular during the 1980s, but it’s fallen out of fashion in the last decade or so.  Naked bikes are comfortable and versatile, and make a good compromise for the demanding rider.  They’re not flashy, but the Kawasaki ZRX 1200R is an attractive bike that  has converted many people to the cause.  They’re relatively inexpensive too, so you’ll have extra money for better leathers and to browse the custom number plates for sale too.


Touring bikes are similar to cruisers, but they have more storage space, and often room for a passenger too.  If you plan on trying to drive from one side of the country to another, then a touring bike is a wise choice.


Don’t laugh!  A scooter may not really fit the definition of motorcycle, but they can be a good choice for people on a tight budget, and with limited riding experience.  If you only need a vehicle to get around town, then scooters are light, easy to ride, and really, really cheap to run. They’re generally safer than motorbikes, and have a charm and a community all of their own.

There are lots of other bike choices out there.  The beauty of bikes is that they’re cheaper than cars, and you can fit more than one in the garage too – so you can have a commuter, a track bike, and a weekend rider if you wish.

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Photo: Peter Pearson