How To Pick A Great Bottle Of Wine Every Time

Buying a bottle of wine can be an intimidating affair. People who are not experienced with wine often think that the more expensive the better. Getting a full-bodied, smooth and tasty bottle of wine does not have to cost you a fortune.

Everyone has their own personal tastes, some people like their wine dry while others like it very sweet. Wine preferences are personal, but there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure that you get a great bottle of wine every time:

Ignore The Price
Wine bottles are priced the way they are because of supply and demand. A very expensive bottle is not necessarily better, it is just harder to come by. You should never choose a bottle of wine just because it is expensive. You really need to figure out what you like and choose your bottle using your own preferences.
There Is No Perfect Bottle Of Wine
Everyone has different tastes in food and drink. Some people may love a wine, while others hate it. You need to realize that you might like something that someone else hates, and you have to accept it. When you taste a new wine, be objective about it. Don’t let the price fool you and don’t listen to what all the “experts” have to say about it. If you like it that’s great, if you don’t, then find a bottle that is better suited for you.
Write Out Your Experiences
If you write out what you think of every wine you try you can start to flesh out what you like and what you dislike. You will find it a lot easier to pick out a wine based on style, year and region that it came from. Good notes can help you pick a bottle that you will enjoy the most. It is good to keep track of these things so that you can start to better understand your palette.
Read Up On Food & Wine Pairings
One of the great things about wine is that it goes very well with food. There are certain wines that accentuate the taste of certain foods, and they can bring your meal to the next level. There are many guides that can help you figure out what wines go with whatever foods you are planning on eating.
The best way to discover wine is to go out on your own and experiment. Try going to a wine tasting event and write out what you like and dislike about certain wines. Eventually you will start to realize what works the best for you. is the author of this post. To find great wine and catering for your next event visit to search and order Birmingham catering or choose from thousands of other locations.