How to Sustain a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle After Weight Loss

Weight loss is a goal that many people struggle to achieve for years. If you have finally achieved your target body weight, you understandably want to maintain your current weight indefinitely. While many people regain some or all of the weight that they lost, this does not need to be your experience. By following a few thoughtful tips, you may sustain a healthy body weight.

Follow Your Doctor’s Recommendations
If your results are the product of a medical weight loss plan, a tummy tuck or something similar, follow your doctor’s dietary and fitness recommendations carefully. Your doctor may ask you to schedule several follow-up visits over the next few months as well. These visits serve as checkpoints so that the doctor can monitor your progress and offer corrective advice as needed if you have started regaining weight.

Work with a Nutritionist
Eating a balanced, nutritious diet is essential for maintaining healthy weight loss. Some people are able to create a meal plan that provides a balance of vitamins, carbs, healthy fats and other nutrients. However, if you struggle in this area, working with a nutritionist is a smart idea. A nutritionist may incorporate a variety of foods that you love into a healthy meal plan.

Exercise Regularly
You may have associated regular exercise with weight loss up until now, but a balance of cardio and strength training are essential for weight maintenance, muscle tone and overall health. Exercising may help you to stabilize your blood sugar level and reduce cravings. It may also burn excess calories to prevent unwanted weight gain. Consider varying your workouts so that you enjoy benefits from head to toe.

Get an Adequate Amount of Sleep
When you feel fatigued, you may consume extra calories simply to feel energized. These may be unhealthy calories from sugary, processed foods rather than healthy choices. An inadequate amount of sleep may also affect hormones that regular metabolism. While the amount of sleep each person needs varies, a reasonable amount is between seven to nine hours of uninterrupted rest each night.

One of the reasons why many people regain weight after a significant weight loss is because they revert to their previous lifestyle. In order to make lasting changes to your body and health, you must make permanent changes to your eating, exercise and sleep habits. Analyze your current lifestyle as a first step, and make healthy changes as needed to prevent unwanted weight gain going forward.