Improve Your Home Business Storage

Improve Your Home Business Storage

Running a retail business from your home has it’s rewards but it can also be chaotic. An unsightly mass of plastic bags, stacks of boxes, tools, and loose products lying around your home will not only chase the visitors away, they may also cause accidents around the home. You tirelessly and carefully planned for storage; however, here you are in the middle of your living room with nowhere to walk. We understand your agony – that’s why we’re here.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your home business storage and maintain order in your home.

Have An Open Mind

Just because a storage piece isn’t necessarily living room furniture, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a place for it in your home. Take our Jumbo Tray Storage Units, which keep making its way into a lot of homes. It’s aesthetically pleasing but also a great place to store business merchandise. It comes with fitted castors so that you can move it around easily and the top half serves as the perfect place to display a flower vase. If you don’t have a stockroom then you will have to be open minded; there are a lot of storage pieces that can fit in your home without affecting the décor.

Find the Best Shelves For Your Stockroom

Not every home business owner will have a stockroom but for those who do, shelving units are the perfect solution to avoiding crowding the area with merchandise. Garage Shelving has shelves that are designed to accommodate items of various weight, size, and height. So,whether its books, electronics, cosmetics, or tools that are lying around your home, shelving units may be the answer.

A key factor in adequate storage is making use of all the dead space you have. Establish how much space you have available and then find the right shelf. If your house has a staircase then you’re luckier than many others. The free space underneath can be very useful if you plan carefully. It’s a great place to hide away a drum that’s packed with merchandise, or heavy duty boxes. If you have a garage, try to make room for shelving units, drums, and boxes. Just ensure that all shelving units are anchored properly to the ceiling or the wall.

If you have a shelf that you plan to replace, measure it for an estimation of what size your new shelving unit should be. Take into considering all the failures of the unit and ensure that the replacement is up to standard. Your goal is to improve your storage system, so anything that is inferior is unacceptable. You should be able to arrange your merchandise front and center on the shelf without looking disorganized. It should make it easy for you to retrieve an item without causing a mess.


Shelving units offered by Garage Shelving make the perfect home for all kinds of objects, – from light containers to heavy tools. They are available in different styles and sizes and they beautifully designed to complement your home. Take a look at our shelves before you leave.