Looking Your Best

Looks aren’t everything — but they sure don’t hurt! In our world, it’s nice to feel attractive. Looking your best can do wonders for your self-esteem, and it has a measurable effect on everything from your social life to your career (yes, being beautiful can actually be worth cold, hard cash — so maybe you should invest in your looks!). Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to maximize your God-given looks. Here’s to looking your best!

Healthy living, healthy looks

There’s a reason that we’re drawn to attractive people, scientifically speaking: we are all descendants of the humans who were most fit for survival thousands and thousands of years ago, and there is something “fit” about being drawn to attractive people. That’s because many dimensions of attractiveness are indicative of health: physical fitness, clear skin, healthy hair, and other health-related traits are tied up in how attracted we are to people.

That means that, generally speaking, we’re going to look better if we live healthier! Your journey to looking your best starts with eating the right things (you’re going to want to load up on whole foods, especially vegetables, and avoid processed foods), exercising enough (a half-hour a day — at least!), and getting quality sleep on a regular schedule. On top of helping you look your best, a healthy lifestyle will help you feel your best! Positive feelings about your looks can lead to a virtuous cycle: positivity and beauty self-esteem can actually help you look better to others.

Bath products, lotions, cosmetics, and more

There is no shortage of products out there that purport to help you look better. Do they work? And if so, which ones should you go for?

We just established that healthy living will make you look better, so focus on the kinds of products that will fit into your healthy lifestyle. Look for organic, safe beauty and cleaning products. Wash your face regularly to keep your skin clear, and use gentle cleansers on sensitive areas. Bathe regularly and when you most need to — for instance, you’ll get better skin by showering right after a workout so that your sweaty clothes don’t stay on your skin for any longer than necessary. When it comes to cosmetics, use safe and natural ones and don’t leave them on longer than you need to — you want to let your skin breathe easy.

Cosmetic surgery and beyond

Cosmetic treatments are powerful options for protecting and improving your looks. Modern cosmetic experts are equipped with high-tech equipment (such as the lasers sold by Cosmetic Laser Warehouse). Cosmetic surgery has never been safer, and modern treatments aren’t limited to invasive surgeries alone — there are a lot of safe and subtle ways to banish blemishes or brighten cheeks.

What you choose to do about your looks is up to you, but remember that you have a lot of options at your disposal. Based on a foundation of healthy living and positive habits, a huge range of beauty products and services can help bring your looks to the next level. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, and there’s a lot right with pursuing your best self in a healthy and rewarding way. So, by all means, make the effort to look your best! Your body, mind, social life, and career will be all the better for it.