Instagram’s complete business guide

More companies are using Instagram than ever before — there are now over 25 million Instagram companies, most of which are small businesses. It ‘s critical that you start using Instagram for your company to attract a new audience and connect with your current customers. With over a billion users of Instagram, Instagram is one… Continue reading Instagram’s complete business guide

Why Facebook is losing teens

It’s been demonstrated over and over that computerized administration’s age in pooch years. Some time ago having a MySpace profile was restless and cool, with its Top 10 Friends highlight and music-based model. Be that as it may, the entry of Facebook, with its basic interface and absence of advertisements, toppled MySpace totally. Falling as… Continue reading Why Facebook is losing teens

Is Having A Smartphone Crucial For Your Business?

As a small business owner or entrepreneur you have probably wondered whether you should invest in a smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices. Maybe you think it is an unnecessary expense, or it’s only beneficial to the big companies. Truth is that smartphone and related mobile devices are becoming important for any business, even small… Continue reading Is Having A Smartphone Crucial For Your Business?

Social Media Tactics For A Shoestring Budget

Social media is becoming increasingly necessary in the world of small business. As more opportunities arise within social media, we witness a large amount of businesses underestimating the potential behind this upcoming trend. Social media in the business world is an enormous marketing tool that can provide a company with global communications, and it can… Continue reading Social Media Tactics For A Shoestring Budget

The Importance Of Social Media In Brand Promotion

Do you want to create social media presence and create a name for your business? Using social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and the rest is the way to go! Using the social media scene enables users market their brands using both images and videos. If you want to reach out to a lot… Continue reading The Importance Of Social Media In Brand Promotion

Cubot P7 White Smartphone Review

A well-known smartphone OEM popularly known as Cubot recently launcheda wide range of Android smartphone. These strong devices add and improve the company’s arsenal. You can see a lot of smartphones in the market confusing every buyer. It is very difficult task to thoroughly review each of them and choose a great product before. Before… Continue reading Cubot P7 White Smartphone Review

The App-y, Techy Generation

Nomophobia. Ever heard of that term? It refers to the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. I’m sure that doesn’t sound new to any of us. Whether it’s the agitation we feel when we have spotty reception and battery issues, or the outright panic that besets us when we can’t find our phones,… Continue reading The App-y, Techy Generation