The Best Cultural Sites In Prague

The Czech Republic capital of Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and one of the few to have a preserved medieval centre. Prague is divided into a number of smaller districts, and features an extensive range of ancient bridges, historical buildings and distinctive architecture. The popularity of the city for romantic getaways also means that Boutique Hotels Prague can be found in multiple parts of the capital. If looking for cultural sites to explore as part of a trip to the city, it is worth considering some of the following destinations, from the Czech National Gallery to the Kafka Museum.

1 – Czech National Gallery
The largest gallery in Prague has its roots in the 18th century, and is the preeminent site for Czech and Slovak art, while also featuring an extensive amount of European and world pieces. The gallery includes Picassos and Van Goghs, and is spread across Prague through a number of smaller galleries and exhibition spaces like the Black Madonna House. Current exhibitions at the Gallery include works by Jakug Schnikaneder and Oskar Kokoschka, as well as studies of dragon symbolism within Asian art.

2 – Museum of Decorative Arts
This museum, dedicated to everything from decoration to clocks and toys, has been a fixture of Prague since 1885, with the building itself representing a Neo-Renaissance design. Housing a number o European curiousities, the Museum o Decorative Arts is influenced by the eclectic design collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK. Permanent exhibitions include the Story of Fibre, a study of Fire Arts through ceramics, and an installation on metals in art. The museum also includes the largest library of Czech art books in the country, which houses 172,000 volumes.

3 – DOX
The Centre for Contemporary Art, Architecture ad Design in Prague, DOX puts on around 80 different programmes a year, and has been in operation since 2009. Its name refers to the term doxa, meaning understanding and conviction. DOX has become a key supporter of the Czech modern art scene, and provides workshops and collaboration with local, national, and international artists. Recent exhibitions have focused on the work of Otto Placht, Petr Mockya and Karel Nepras, as well as John Cage. DOX is located on Poupetova in the Prague 7 district.

4 – Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club
This jazz and blues venue has been one of the most important music sites in Prague for decades. Also known as Tyn Yard, the club is located in Old Town, and puts on a range of musical arts, while also serving Czech cuisine, coffee, home made strudel, and Pilsen Czech beer. The club seats around 50 people, with more seats available in the bar area, and has smoking and non smoking zones. Upcoming performances include the Lubos Andrst Blues Band, and Petra Studena.

5 – The Kafka Museum
This small museum is dedicated to the life of author Franz Kafka, and includes exhibitions that feature his first editions, manuscripts, and photographs. The museum also holds special exhibitions, with the most recent being the City of Franz Kafka. A bookshop selling all of Kafka’s publications is on site, with the museum open from 10am to 6pm daily. The Kafka Museum also provides touring exhibitions to other institutions like the National Archive of the Czech Republic, and Jewish Museums in London, Germany, and the United States.

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