Things To Bring On A Cycling Trip To Camino De Santiago De Compostela

Everybody likes to indulge in the experience of traveling to the great outdoors and simply having a relaxing time away from the stresses of real life situations.  This can be considered as a vacation of sorts, wherein they would seek some peace of mind while going on an adventure which will surely prove memorable.  There are definitely a lot of people who are looking to travel to certain parts of the world.  It would seem rather cliché to head off to countries like the United States, England or even Hong Kong, and some would like to go to a more exotic locale.  Spain is certainly one of the more enticing places to visit, and it has a lot to offer.  Its chief tourist attraction is the Santiago de Compostela, a town in Galicia, Spain, which is said to house the entombed remains of Saint James.  It makes for a perfect place to go on a pilgrimage.  Apart from that, though, it’s also a nice spot to go cycling with a few friends as well.  Before one should head off for such an activity, some things must be kept in mind in order to make their visit to the Camino an unforgettable one:

  • It’s important to bring a spare shirt at all times.  The weather in Camino de Santiago can get rather warm during certain times of the year, and one would not want to get exposed to harsh weather conditions at all.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense to bring buttoned or sleeved shirts which anyone can roll up when the sun’s heat can get too unbearable.  When the weather gets a bit colder, they can simply pull their sleeves down.
  • A lot of pilgrims and travelers would usually wear cargo pants when going to Santiago.  However, cyclists would probably want to bring a few pairs of shorts, especially if they’re planning to get some much needed rest at the local alberques.
  • Another thing to remember is that since traveling to Santiago can go as far as 500 miles when the journey is initiated on the French border, there’s no telling when one will need to use the loo.  Therefore, it would be important to bring a few extra sets of underwear.
  • Sometimes a cyclist would want to get a breather from all the traveling, looking for a nice spot to relax.  Wherever they may end up, they would certainly benefit from the use of a sleeping bag.  This would help avoid getting pestered by lady bugs when lying on the ground, and would also prove rather relaxing and homely.
  • There’s no telling what might happen while traveling to Santiago, and even allergies can pop up.  Therefore it is essential to bring some anti-histamine to keep one’s health in check at all times.

These tips should be kept in mind whenever cyclists want to take their favorite hobby into the Camino. The Santiago de Compostela can be a challenging area to reach, which would make the whole adventure all the more worth it!
There is so much adventure awaiting tourists, and it can even prove to be an experience unlike any other. Click on Camino to know more exciting activities you can do in the northern part of Spain.