Top 5 Examples Of Granite Tiles In Bathrooms

For home owners who are considering updating and remodeling their bathroom space, granite tiles are a great way to update. There are various options to consider when you choose to have granite installed, so taking the time to choose the best ways, and the best places to install the granite, in order to get the desired look in your home and bathroom space. These are some of the top 5 examples of granite tiles in bathrooms, which will help give the bathroom the elegant look and style you are going for in your home. 

Countertops  – 
One place to have granite installed is on the countertops. This is a great way to liven up the look of your bathroom, to get the elegant look and style, and to get the personalized touch you want to your bathroom. Whether you choose to go with specialty made tiles, or whether you order prefabricated granite tiles, home owners will find that with granite they are going to get an elegant look and style, and something durable which is not prone to easily being damaged. Whichever style, look, or design you go with, granite countertops will match well, and will help bring out the entire space. 

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Shower Tiles – 
A second option to consider installing granite tiles is the shower. Whether you choose to do the entire tile area with granite, or whether it is a combination with other stone or tile material (due to a lower budget that you have set), granite is a great wall material for your shower area. You can use counter colors, or mix and match, or you can go with something neutral, for more of an elegant look in the bathroom. Regardless of color, size, or tile design, granite is an excellent option to choose for your shower space in the bathroom. 

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Backsplash Tiles – 
Home owners might also want to consider having granite tiles installed as the backsplash behind the countertops (in front of their mirrors in the bathroom). This is going to give an elegant look, and with many different styles, tiles, and color and design options to choose from, the home owner can make the space unique. Whether it is a single color, or whether they choose neutral tones, or whether the home owner goes with various different tile colors, granite is a great option to have installed as the backsplash behind the mirrors, offers a durable and excellent material quality, and features the elegance home owners want to put off. 

Around the Bathtub – 
If you have a seperate shower and tub, many home owners will place the granite tiles around the lower portion of their bathtub. This is a great way to show off the dual design shower and tub, and it is a great way to seperate or distinguish the space in the bathroom. Depending on how large the tub is, or where it is located in the bathroom, there are different styles, colors, and design options to choose from when having the granite tiles installed in the space. So, considering an elegant color, or a design which will seperate the shower and tub space, is something that home owners can do to distinguish the look of their bathroom, and to give it a unique design style. 

Flooring – 
Although this is not the top option for granite tiles in the bathroom, it is another option for home owners to consider. When selecting the tiles for the bathroom space, granite is a bit pricier, and it is not as slip resistant as other tiles; for this reason, it is not the first option for flooring. But, if a great quality tile is chosen, it is going to be safe, it will be slip resistant, and it is going to offer the elegant look and style the home owners want to showcase in their bathroom space. 

Regardless of where you choose to install granite tiles in your bathroom, and whether it is in one area, or in several areas of the bathroom, there are many ways to make use of granite. Considering these options, and different design styles for the tiles, is something that a home owner should do, in order to get the design and look they want to put off in the space.

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Granite tiles offer a more convenient and often more affordable way to have pure granite in your bathroom. Rather than a granite countertop using tiles to cover an existing countertop for example can save a large amount of money but still provide you with a hard wearing and easy to clean surface.