Top 5 Things To Do In LA This Winter

Seing that I travel for sport as well as for pleasure, you could say that I have seen my share of the globe. For my trip to LA however I was completely unprepared. First of all, although I do like to travel, I have been disappointed so many times that I avoid keeping my hopes up. Because of this it felt nice to see that LA truly lives up to its reputation. Another great thing was the fact that for the first time I traveled with my two best friends which was a new experience, since I usually go on these trips alone. I also want to thank them this way since without them this list would probably be a lot different.

  1. Walking by the Hollywood Walk of Fame

When in LA it would definitely be a shame not to visit Hollywood. Just stop by the Walk of Fame and try to locate the stars of some of your favorite actors and directors. However, there can also be an ulterior motive for this visit. There is no place on earth where you are more likely to meet Halle Berry, Megan Fox or some other Hollywood actor or actress. Another great thing to do here is to try and visit some of your favorite studios like Paramount Pictures, or Universal Studios Hollywood. Visit the place where dreams are made, who knows, you may even stumble upon a movie in the making and be recruited on the spot to appear as an extra.

  1. The Shave of Beverly Hills

While already in Hollywood, you might decide that it is time for a shave or a haircut. Here, your best option is probably to visit The Shave of Beverly Hills salon. This barber’s shop is one of the most renowned in the whole world, which unfortunately means that prices are to follow. However, how often did life present you with an opportunity to get a shave from Clooney’s barber himself? The best thing about this is that although your hair will grow back again, you will be left with a memory of a lifetime. On the other hand, if money (serious money) is not an issue for you, for an astounding $5,000 you can get something truly amazing. This fee will grant you membership at The Shave, which includes discounted services, free manicures, premium beverages as well as invitations to some of the most exclusive special events.

  1. LA Lakers game

One of the greatest benefits of visiting LA is that, while you are in the world’s capital of good time, you are also in the hometown of the LA Lakers. This means that for all you basketball fans out there, this is a chance that you simply cannot and should not miss. Use your opportunity to finally see Kobe in action with your own eyes and you will most definitely not leave disappointed. Before you visit, check out the LA Lakers schedule and try to get the right timing. Some would say that a basketball game is too short, however witnessing just one NBA game will be enough to assure yourself just how much this league is superior to any other in the world.

  1. Boulevard 3, the crown of LA nightlife

First off, it would be simply reckless to spend an entire LA night in only one place. This is why you need to compose a detailed itinerary of bars and nightclubs you must visit. You need to try and get most of the time that you have available, so we recommend starting your warm up in a quieter place, like Bar Won O’Seven. After this, it would probably be best if you headed out for Boulevard 3, the nocturnal LA. Most of the drinks are strong, and about $6, which is pretty much in line with other Hollywood venues. Also, when it comes to other expenses, the coverage is $20, and there are two parking lots, each costing $10. Because of all this, Boulevard 3 is the place to be in LA on Friday night.

  1. A Genuine American Meal in Yard House

If you ever get hungry while in downtown LA, do not miss the opportunity to eat in the Yard House, one of the best pub style eateries there are. Located on 800 W Olympic Blvd, this amazing place has 180 different types of beer on tap! A genuine heaven on earth if there ever was one. When it comes to food, the menu is quite impressive as well. Their BBQ chicken pizza is simply second to none. When it comes to prices, this place is quite affordable as well. Domestic pints are only $3.50, while you can get a glass of wine for only $2.

Needless to say, LA is simply too great of a city to be described on any list (regardless of how detailed it may be). However, if you would like to follow my advice on the places you simply must visit, I can only tell you one thing. Neither my buddies nor I were left disappointed by following the itinerary described in this article. I am also looking forward to going back again soon.

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