Treadmills vs. Elliptical Machines

Whether exercising at home or in a gym, there are many exercise machines for fitness enthusiasts to choose from. An elliptical machine and a treadmill both offer a great aerobic workout, but there are a few important differences between these machines.

Treadmills allow people to do a number of different workouts with the same machine. Users can opt to walk, run or jog on a treadmill. Many people change between all three exercises throughout a single workout session. Users can also increase the treadmill’s incline to significantly change the difficulty and effectiveness of the workout.
Elliptical machines also offer several different workout options, including the ability for users to exercise their arms at the same time. Most elliptical machines include handlebars for individuals to move as they use the machine. The handlebars are optional, but users who choose to use the bars will get a full workout. Treadmills rarely feature any method for exercising the arms at the same time.
Workout Effectiveness
Using either a treadmill or elliptical machine allows users to burn a large number of calories in a short amount of time. Treadmills generally offer the most burn per minute because individuals can use treadmills for running. Running, even on a treadmill, is a fantastic way to burn a high amount of calories quickly. Elliptical machines certainly offer a solid aerobic exercise, but users will burn fewer calories than they would on a treadmill.

Audience Differences
Elliptical machines are good for people with joint problems or other health issues. The motion of an elliptical is quite smooth and natural to the body. Elliptical machines offer a low-impact workout that is ideal for a wide range of people. Many older individuals or people with knee issues can enjoy using an elliptical. These machines are usually quiet and gentle, which makes elliptical machines great for those living in shared dwellings with roommates or family.
Many people who use treadmills enjoy running and may even run outside when the weather permits. A treadmill doesn’t offer exactly the same workout as running up and down natural hills, but the end result is similar. Treadmill users typically are looking for a bigger burn than other machines offer. Treadmills also offer a great indoor tool for people training for marathons or other races.
Cost for the Home User
Many treadmills and elliptical machines are comparable in price. Both types of exercise machines offer a number of models that range greatly in price. Machines with more advanced features can cost considerably more than a basic machine. However, there are affordable treadmills and elliptical machines that offer basic functionality.
While elliptical machines are much lower impact, treadmills are getting more advanced in technology with gradients and the ability to plugin a map of your favourite course and the treadmill adjusts to the inclines and declines, truly amazing.

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