Which Insurance Category Should My Classic Car Fall Under?

The topic of car insurance is one that has always, and probably always will, amass a high level of conversation. Wherever you turn it is natural to hear people discuss their annual cover, and more often than not this discussion is negative. One of the main reasons problems can arise within the car insurance industry is due to a lack of understanding. Understandably, those not involved within the market might find it difficult to get to grips with things like terminology and policy variations, leading to frustration and inevitable misunderstandings.

For those who own a classic car, this subject can be even more confusing, but it really is essential to build your awareness of this field to give yourself the best chance of finding the most affordable deal. In particular many road users are a bit hesitant over the area of what category their “classic” car falls under.

What Type Of Car Is My Old Motor Considered?

What is really important to remember here is that different insurance providers will vary in their classifications, just as they vary in their prices and terms and conditions. To provide you with a general idea of what category your car is likely to fall under, here are the main three groups:

Classic cars- This area is one most left open to discretion. Commonly available for cars manufactured before 1973, this set can in fact include anything older than fifteen years

Vintage cars- cars manufactured between 1903-1933

Veteran cars- cars manufactured before 1903

Again, never underestimate the importance of checking which group you fall within for each firm, but equipping yourself with an idea of the properties of each category can make the whole process much more efficient.

How Do I Find The Right Category?

In your search for the most cost-effective classic car insurance deal, it is worth remembering that different insurance providers may specialise within certain areas. For example, some companies may be more experienced with providing cover for vintage motors, whilst some might offer the best deals for classic cars. For this reason, be sure to carry out thorough research of each company prior to looking into their deals further.

Because the necessary process of examining and comparing a number of firms for your annual insurance can be a time-consuming process to say the least, the best way to conserve time and money is to use a price comparison site. By providing you with quick and easy access to large quantities of agencies, this method not only allows you to compare more prices, but compare them more efficiently. Through entering a few simple details about your circumstances and requirements

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