Why CPanel is the Best Tool To Manage Blog Hosting?

cPanel is the world’s most used web management interface that allows users to manage content on their blog with the help of a GUI in most cases.  With cPanel, a website administrator can manage databases, website files, website content, security protocols and FTP transfers. It is being used in blog hosting these days as it is just so easy to use. It is very fast at executing instructions as well. let us help you a little in this regard and before you scroll down to read check out Blog Hosting Reviews  to get more insightful knowledge regarding Linux hosting.

CPanel is popular because

 It is very easy to use.

It is basically a control panel; a web administrator can use it to manage everything on the website through buttons and panels which are visually. Instead of going into the code, cPanels offer GUIs. Someone who has little knowledge about web administration can also use it and perform:

  1. Quick database modifications and updates
  2. Email account maintenance
  3. Website content modification. Make major or minor modifications within minutes
  4. Blog post modifications and upload
  5. Easy image uploads for all blog posts
  6. Easy blog post organization

 Installing CPanel is easy

cPanel is designed for easy handling of blogs. After installation, it will be able to perform all functions without extra plug-ins. Web hosts often provide tutorials for learning. Even for someone new to website administration, the cPanel will be easy to use.

 CPanel contains one click apps

One click applications are designed for new web developers. The most popular one is WordPress. Installation takes place through the dashboard and no PHP coding is required. There are various other applications that allow control through cPanel. All applications can be installed with the click of a install button.

Database Management is simplified

Database management has always been a difficult task before cPanels. For blogs, easy database management is required. Going through code and queries manually requires a long time. It is also difficult to spot errors, debug or modify manually. With cPanel, web developers can use MySQL and integrate PostgreSQL with the click of a few buttons.

The GUI of a cPanel allows users to create database tables visually. Editing is done the same way. This minimizes the need to write multiple queries. Databases are easy to access this way.

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 System backup

cPanels automatically create backups of all files. Backing up all website files is very important for any web developer. The auto backup ensure that you don’t lose any data in case of system failure or cyber attack. Instead of backing up files manually, a web developer can use the backup wizard which is a built in tool. There is absolutely no need to go into coding.

To summarize, a cPanel should be used by non-experienced web developers to manage a blog faster. cPanels are constantly being updated, so many new features can be expected in the near future.