Why Girls With Too Many Men Friends Never Get Boyfriends?

Many girls feel relaxed around many men friends and this seems like a good opportunity to find the right boyfriend. But this isn’t always true. It’s true that these girls could have a lot of men friends that they love to hang out around with. Having such a diverse social circle may enrich their social life and significantly boost their desirability. Many would say that if girls get along really well with men friend, they could become amazing girlfriends.

Unfortunately, finding a boyfriend is difficult to achieve for some unknown reasons. Although these girls may know many wonderful guys, they can’t seem to find the ideal boyfriend among them.

There are a few causes for this problem. This may sound a bit crazy, but having too many guy friends could diminish feminine allure and sex appeal. Because girls spend so much time with men friends, guys will think them as one of them. Girls will have the habit in seeing man in a completely platonic way.

Romance is never on the menu, because these men are considered as mates. Girls may already lose hint of romance when they talk near men. Men don’t flirt with these girls, they simply become complacent and even a bit careless.

Girls should evaluate whether they already develop this kind of habit, especially if they already stop looking at men as their potential lovers. If girls treat their men friend as mates, men will also less attracted. This happens simply because girls see their men friends as platonic friends and they also play down their feminine allure.

Also as they get a bit too relaxed, romance actually becomes more of a fantasy because men are equal to an asexual relationship. Deep inside, these women still want to finally have a romantic relationship with someone, but they simply just can’t break through the “just friends” barrier. In this case, girls lose their romantic expectations and they lose hope in finding new men.

This kind of situation may seem far-fetched, but it happens in many cases. Many girls wonder why they can’t find men that they are interested in although they have so many men friends.

Although breaking a habit can be quite tough, girls could start to do this. They could start play up their feminine side to men. It could be hard to friends that they have known for years, but they can do this to those who they know more recently. When women flirt, men could find them to be rather sexually attractive.

It should be noted that men who are interested with these girls could be put off if they see that these girls are constantly surrounded by so many men friends. They will feel uncomfortable and suspect that at least one of the men has romantic or even sexual relationships with these girls. For this reason, these girls may need to assure that these men friends are just friends.